Inserting the SIM card into the BlackBerry Q5 is very different from with the two previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones - the Z10 and Q10. For new users of the Q5 this is just a simple set of instructions to get your new BlackBerry up and running as soon as possible.

The big difference here is that the BlackBerry Q5 does not have a removable battery, so unlike its predecessors you don't just slide of the back cover and easily see the SIM card slot.

The SIM card access on the BlackBerry Q5 is found on the left hand side of the handset (as you look at it from the front). Here you will discover a plastic door which you open using the nicely designed indent. Once this pops open you will notice that it is secured by two pieces of clear plastic at its base so it won't be falling off.

As you look at the slot you will see that on the right side there is the place for the microSIM. It is clearly marked with a small orange logo but what is a little confusing is which way up and around the SIM slots in. So here's the instructions:

  • Have the microSIM positioned with the writing facing down and the metal facing up.
  • The corner with the cut out will be facing towards the SIM slot.
  • Firmly push the SIM into the slot and it will click into place.
  • Close the door/cover and you are good to go.
  • Removing the microSIM is just a reversal of the above process.

Simple once you know how but it may be a little confusing for folk that are new to smartphones as well as new to using a BlackBerry.