If you are in one of the countries where the BlackBerry Z3 is now available you may well have picked yourself up a bargain with the latest low cost BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

When it comes to inserting your SIM and MicroSD card into the device things are a little different to the previous all-touch handsets we've already seen. With no removable battery on the Z3 this means we can't pull off the rear cover. Access is therefore gained over on the right hand side of the Z3 in the form of a door that can be opened. Inside the door you will see colored icons for both the SIM and MicroSD so you shouldn't get confused as to which goes in which hole.

The memory card goes into the hole nearest the top of the Z3 and it inserts with the metal strip facing upwards. The SIM goes in the slot below, but here the metal contact points will be face down. Once both are pushed into place it's just a case of closing the plastic door and you're then good to go.

It may sound like we're telling you to suck eggs but from experience - if you don't spot the colored indicators or your eyes are not perfect you may be left scratching your head as to which card goes where.