For many heavy BBM Sticker users, the option we now have to hide unwanted packs is awesome. If you tend not to use Stickers you'll probably be wondering what all the fuss is about. I'll explain.

When using Stickers in a BBM chat, if you have more than eight packs installed on your device you'll find yourself having to scroll to the left in order to view all the packs. Where this can be a pain in the butt is that chances are, you probably have a small number of packs that you tend to use a lot, and others that are never used. So those infrequently used ones get in the way.

With having the ability to hide packs it just makes it a little quicker (and less frustrating) to locate the pack you want and send that Sticker. After all, as BlackBerry users we want to be as efficient as possible and this small tweak in BBM helps us out.

I've previously wondered how to delete a Sticker pack and it seems that BlackBerry have not given us that option. But as least we can now hide them and that'll do for me.

Here's how to hide Sticker packs:

  • From within a BBM chat touch the Sticker icon
  • Tap the settings cog on the right side of the horizontal list of Stickers
  • Uncheck the Packs you wish to hide so that the icon slides from blue to grey

And that's it - all done.

Hit up the BBM Shop on your BlackBerry to download BBM Stickers.