Z30 battery

Battery life is a bone of contention with any modern day smartphone. As screen displays have got bigger and more power hungry, gone are the days of a phone battery lasting more than a couple of days - even with light usage. The good news for new owners of the BlackBerry Z30 is that is is packing a whopping 2880 mAp battery - the biggest in any BlackBerry to date. Since I've been using the Z30, battery life has been fantastic but there are always tips and tricks to help you get some extra juice out of it. 

Here's just a few suggestions to make your Z30 battery last longer (if you need to). 

Screen Brightness. 

Although some applications on the Z30 use the dark theme you'll notice a big difference in battery consumption depending on your screen brightness level. Jump into settings and then display to access the brightness bar. The dimmer the screen - the less battery will be used. 

Unused Connections

With any smartphone, if you leave things such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC running while not in use its going to impact on your battery. As an example - if Wi-Fi is on it will constantly be searching for new available networks to connect to. So turn these things off when not in use. Go to settings and then network connections to toggle on and off. 

Screen Timeout

It's common sense that the longer your Z30 screen is on - the more power it will be using. You can adjust the timeout quite simply by jumping into settings and selecting display. Here you will find options to have the screen automatically turn off at times ranging from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. 

Application Refreshing

Many applications have the ability to auto-refresh as a designated time. If you are not using an app very often why do you need it to refresh every 5 minutes? So, increase the refresh time or set it to manual which means the app will only refresh when it is opened. 

Close Active Frames

Not all, but some apps will refresh themselves while in the Active Frame state. Closing down the Active Frame completely will resolve this issue. Just give a long press on the small x at the base of the Active Frame to shut the application. 

Chances are that if you are currently rocking the BlackBerry Z30 you will be over the moon with its battery life. The above tips may be obvious to many folk, but to new users they may well be the difference between a happy customer and a frustrated one.