Word Substitution

We all know that typing on BlackBerry 10 is as good as it gets, whether you're a all-touch or hardware keyboard user. With the awesome intelligent word prediction, banging out a message is faster and more precise on BlackBerry 10 compared to the likes of iOS, Android and Windows Phone in my experience. 

For all-touch BlackBerry 10 users you can of course take advantage of the predicted words being displayed on your keyboard and then swiping them up to insert them into the message and for many folk this will be all you need for making the most of your time. But there are some further shortcuts that can be made in the form of Word Substitutions. 

This feature isn't brand new in OS 10.2.1, in fact it's been present since BlackBerry 10 first launched, but it's one of those little things that I normally forget to take advantage of. Maybe of more use for hardware keyboard users - the Word Substitution will allow you to type just a few chosen letters and the OS will automatically recognize what word you want to use and insert it in full - clever stuff. 

As you can see in the example below, if I want to include the word CrackBerry in anything on my BlackBerry all I need to do is type the letters CB. The OS will sort out the rest. 

To start adding words to the feature just follow these simple steps:

  • Jump into settings
  • Select Language and Input
  • Select Predictions and Corrections
  • Select Word Substitution
  • Press the + tab at the base of the display to add your own words

You can add whatever words you like to the feature and as many you need. For words that you use on a very regular basis it sure makes sense to utilize the feature to cut down on key strokes/presses. As BlackBerry users we are of course people who get stuff done and this small component in BlackBerry 10 helps is achieve that goal.