Z30 Browser

When it comes to web browsing on the BlackBerry Z30 you can't really get a better experience if you ask me. I'm not just talking about the devices big 5 inch SuperAMOLED display, but the whole BlackBerry 10 experience in general. Since BlackBerry 10 launched in early 2013, gone are the days of a slow and limited web browser. The Z30 browser is packed full of good stuff and the size and quality of the screen certainly help but there's more to it than that. 

In terms of speed the Z30 browser is certainly nippy. Pages load smooth and fast but this post is not so much about its awesomeness but how to get the most from it for new users. 

Let's start with the basic UI. You'll notice from the above image that the address bar is positioned at the base of the display. This makes life slightly easier when typing in a new search as you don't need to reach up to the top of the screen. To the left of the address bar you'll see two boxes - jump into here and you'll have access to your bookmarks, history and tabbed browsing. 


When looking at your bookmarks you actually have a choice of the way you view them. By default they are shown as large frames but you do have the option to switch them to a list view if you prefer. From this same page you can also access your browsing history via the two tabs at the top of the display. Once history is selected you'll be shown the days and selecting one will list all the sites you visited. One thing to note here is the black UI that is used. This is to save on battery consumption which is always a bonus. 

If you want to have more than one web page open you can just select the 'New Tab' icon. You can have a ton of different web pages open and switching between them is just a case of pressing that two box tab again which will show you the web pages that are open.

With a web page open you'll have access to an array of features by tapping on the three grey dots at the bottom right of the display. As you can see from the above image most things are pretty straight forward but there are a few features that stand out. 

The first of these is 'Reader' mode. This doesn't really need to be used if you are visiting a mobile version of a website but if you are not, selecting Reader mode will remove all the images, adverts etc and just present you with just the text. There are tabs at the base of the screen to increase/decrease the font size and you can even invert the colors - the black is perfect for reading in bed. The Reader mode is probably the feature I use most on the BlackBerry Z30 browser and it really is an asset to making the best of the whole browsing experience. 

Another super feature with the browser is the sharing option. If you find a web article you want to send to a friend you can do so via any of the accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub. This could be an email account, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, NFC and the list goes on - and it's all so easy. 

Whether you are browsing in landscape or portrait everything is unified and the user interface is a friendly as can be. As you can see, web browsing on the BlackBerry Z30 is both beautiful and packed full of useful features. Possibly a deal breaker for potential buyers if you ask me.