BlackBerry has made a lot of great advancements with their camera software on Android. One of the most notable improvements brought manual modes to the camera app on BlackBerry Android devices. Not only does this make the camera much more flexible, but it also lets the user get creative with their compositions.

The Auto options and HDR Auto built into the software is pretty good, but users shouldn't be afraid of turning on manual mode and messing around with the numerous options. These tips and tricks are usable on the DTEK60, though they'll also work on Priv and DTEK50. Presumably, this will also be in line with the camera software experience we can expect from the new BlackBerry Mercury when it arrives later this year.

Here are five tips that can help you get better pictures on your BlackBerry:

  1. Turn your camera landscape and shoot horizontally
  2. Enable grid lines to help you compose your capture
  3. Manually refine exposure and focus to increase image quality
  4. Fire the shutter using the volume rocker to steady the shot
  5. Take your photos into post editing for finishing touches

There's a fairly usable and convenient photo editor built into the OS on BlackBerry Android devices. If you want even more options, we recommend VSCO Cam. This app bundles filters and photo editing into one easy to use app. There are loads of features to dig through, and it's a great addition to the stock photo editor.

If you're shooting video, check out your frame-rate and resolution within the camera settings. Priv and DTEK60 can shoot 4K video, but 1080 at 24fps (frames per second) is more than suitable for most users - mainly because 4K video eats up a lot of device storage space. There's an enhanced video stabilization option that's available in the settings as a bonus.

Otherwise, practice makes perfect. I've seen many amazing shots from Priv, DTEK50, and DTEK60. In fact, we have a forum for each device where folks share their great photos. You can check out Priv shots here, DTEK50 shots here and finally, DTEK60 shots here. Do you ever shoot in manual mode on your BlackBerry? What tips do you have for other would-be BlackBerry photographers out there?