CrackBerry's help guide to resolving a 552 error on your BlackBerry. Fix with a simple battery pull or reloading your OS.

BlackBerry Error 552

The dredded BlackBerry Error 552 -- It's something that every long-time BlackBerry user fears and has seen over the course of their BlackBerry lifespan. The 552 error is caused by an issue with your BlackBerry software (typically an application) and can most times be resolved by performing a hard reset on the device, or worst case, reloading the device software.

In some cases, the only solution for a 552 error on your BlackBerry is to reload your device software. Unfortunately you'll need access to a PC to get your BlackBerry back up and running in this situation, but it only takes a few minutes and you're device will be as good as new. If you're somewhere with no computer access however, you should be able to reset the device and use it until you can reload or update your device software. A 552 error on your BlackBerry may seem bad the first time you see it, but fear not because it's easily resolved.

In most cases, after receving a 552 error on your BlackBerry, performing a hard reset (remove the battery, keep it out for a few seconds and then replace it) will solve the issue. Your device should boot as normal, however If the issue persists, you'll need to reload or update your device software.

To reload or update your device software after a BlackBerry 552 error, follow our full tutorial here. If you cannot get your BlackBerry smartphone to start up or you receive a different error, you'll need to follow this guide on how to restore a "nuked" BlackBerry.

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