How to find, lock or erase your BlackBerry Priv from Android Device Manager

Losing your phone is not really a situation you want to be in but it is something that can happen. If you do find yourself in such a situation you can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate, secure or erase your BlackBerry Priv. The last thing you want is for your data to be accessible. Let's help you make sure your phone is set up for any eventuality.

What is Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager works in the same way as BlackBerry Protect does for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. You can use it to find your device's approximate location, ring your device (if you've simply misplaced your phone somewhere in your house), and lock your device or erase it remotely. It is a free service provided by Google that is preloaded on your BlackBerry Priv.

As long as you are signed in to your Google account and you have location access is turned on, you're set up to use Android Device Manager when you need to.

You would have signed in to your Google account when you set up your Priv but if, for any reason, you didn't you can do this by going to Settings->Accounts, then Add Account and select Google.

To check that you have location access turned on go to Settings->Location and make sure the toggle switch is turned On.

How to find your Priv using Android Device Manager

If you have lost or misplaced your BlackBerry Priv, follow these steps use Android Device Manager to find its location. One thing to note is that all of the following will only work if your phone is still powered on.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. If this is the very first time you have logged into the Android Device Manager console, you may see a Welcome window, just click on Accept.
  4. The location of you BlackBerry Priv will be shown to you on a map
  5. You'll also be given a breakdown that includes
    • Time device was last located
    • Location of your device
    • Date your device was last online
  6. You'll also find three other options you can carry out
    • Ring
    • Lock
    • Erase

Android Device Manager Console

Ring your BlackBerry Priv

This comes in handy for those times you may just have misplaced your phone in your house - something I do often. It's especially handy if you're phone is set to silent because calling it the usual way would be no help at all. Ringing your phone through the Android Device Manager console will make your phone ring whether or not it is set to silent.

  1. Click on Ring
  2. A pop will tell you that your phone will ring for a full 5 minutes. Click on Ring
  3. Once you have found your phone you can press the power button (on the left side of the Priv) to stop the ringing

Android Device Manager Ring option

Lock your BlackBerry Priv

If you have lost your device, you can set a a lock on your device with a message. It will replace your current lock screen and override any password you have set.

  1. Click on Lock on the Android Device Manager console
  2. Fill in the details in the pop up window. It would be beneficial to add a message and a contact number so that you can be called if someone finds your phone
  3. Click Lock

Android Device Manager Lock option

Erase your BlackBerry Priv data

If it comes down to it, you may want to just completely erase all data on your BlackBerry Priv. This option performs a factory reset. Note that by doing so you will no longer be able to use Android Device Manager to locate your phone.

  1. Click on Erase
  2. Read through the prompt, if you're sure you want to go ahead, click Erase

Android Device Manager Erase option

If the phone is powered off, you can still perform this action. Your phone will be factory reset once it is turned on again.

Can't get access to a desktop browser?

If you've realised you've lost you're phone whilst you are still out, you may not want to wait until you get home to use a desktop browser to lock your phone. Worry not, you can do it from a mate's phone - provided it's another Android phone. Here's how to do it from an Android device.

  1. Open the app drawer - it's the white circle with a 3x2 grid of dots near the bottom of the screen and find Device Manager
  2. Tap the account drop down menu and select Guest
  3. Sign in with your Google account credentials
  4. The app will attempt to find the location of you Priv. If it does it will show on the map
  5. The option to remotely Ring, Lock or Erase you Priv will also be available. Just tap whichever option to want to carry out and it will work exactly the same way as describe above
  6. Don't forget to sign out when you're finished

Android Device Manager app

I haven't yet had to make use of this to find my BlackBerry Priv but I have used BlackBerry Protect a couple of times before to find my phone. One time was after I accidentally dropped my BlackBerry Z30 out in the field when walking the dog. I was able to locate my phone and recover it, after going out in the rain, at night, with a torch. It is important to note that there may be times that it is better to let the authorities handle the retrieval of a missing phone as they are trained to handle these situations.

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