Anyone who has ever owned a BlackBerry smartphone knows how smooth and swift it is to type out on a physical keyboard -- no one could beat a BlackBerry device when it came to keyboards. Now that the BlackBerry Z10 is out, BlackBerry wants to be king of the touchscreen keyboard too.

While there are many who will stick with the physical keyboard and wait for the BlackBerry Q10, there are lots of users that are making the switch to the full touchscreen model. With that in mind it means that you'd have to get used to typing on glass, especially if you've never used a touchscreen before. There will be varying learning curves but ultimately, you want to become as fast at typing on a touchscreen as you could on a physical keyboard.

You can put that speed to test by trying out an app called Thumb Master. You type out a sentence as fast you can and see if you can be on your way to become the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard king.

Thumb Master comes from developer App Sticks and is hugely addicting. You'll find yourself becoming slowly competitive too. If you're on Twitter you can check out hashtag #ThumbMaster to chat with other app users.

Check out the video above to see it in action. Below is a screen shot of my highest score so far. Can you beat me? Download Thumb Master today, give it a go and invite your friends to try it out too. It's available to download from BlackBerry World and will cost your $0.99.

High Score screenshot of Thumb Master

Purchase Thumb Master from BlackBerry World