I came across a great thread in the forums earlier where jfguay2 started up a game to see just how fast people can type on the BlackBerry virtual keyboard. We all know that diehard physical keyboard users can crank out some pretty fast messages, but there are so many factors when using the virtual keyboard (like word predication, swiping and fat thumbs) that it's hard to judge speed.

With a little help from the Flying Thumbs app, there's a bit of a competition going on to see just who is the fastest of them all on the BB10 keyboard. 

There are a few rules that are working off the honor system, but if you're down to give it a try, head to the forums thread here. The app itself takes care of the hard stuff, but there's no flicking allowed so make sure you don't cheat! Q10 users are in the clear on this one too -- the app isn't currently available for the Q10 so we'll have to come up with another challenge at some point.

If you're using a Z10 or Z30 then give it a run and be sure to post up your score there with a screenshot and let us know in the comments how well you did.

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