How to Factory Reset your BlackBerry Priv

There are several different reasons why a factory reset, or a complete wipe of all personal data on the device (i.e. apps, files, etc.), will need to be performed. Whether its stability issues, an application that caused an error, slow performance, or perhaps selling your device to someone else, the process is quite simple.

Similar to BlackBerry 10 and its Anti-theft protection, the process for the Priv includes additional security measures. For example, when you first setup your device, Factory Reset Protection (FRP), or Android Device Protection, is enabled by default when you activate your Google account to ensure it is not operated by anyone other than you, especially in cases of theft or when misplaced.

Now there is one caveat with regards to FRP protection. Before wiping the device, it is highly recommended removing or logging out of your Google accounts. The reason being is that you run the risk of either being locked out of your Google account or being prompted to re-enter the Google credentials used prior to resetting when the Setup Wizard runs upon reboot. For those who wish to sell or give their device to another user, this could prevent them from activating their own Google account.

Another important item to keep in mind is to backup all important information and data before moving forward with this process. Warnings will appear before any permanent changes take effect.

BlackBerry Priv Factory Reset

How to perform a Factory Reset

  • Tap the All Apps button at the bottom of the screen > Settings, or perform a two finger swipe from the top of the screen and tap on the gear icon
  • Scroll down to the Personal section of the settings menu and tap on Backup & reset
  • Tap on Factory data reset. A list of all your installed accounts is shown below along with an option to erase the SD Card (if installed). If you wish to keep the data on your external card, simply leave unchecked or remove prior resetting
  • Tap on Reset Phone
  • Please note if the device is secured with a password/pin/picture, you will be prompted to enter in their code in order to proceed
  • A warning will appear asking you to confirm the action being performed. If you wish to continue, tap Erase Everything

Once the process is complete, all of your personal information is removed and the Priv will bring you back to the initial Setup Wizard.