In our increasingly digital age emoticons or emoji's as they're popularly associated have become a staple in our daily communications. With the launch of Priv, BlackBerry has plugged a major bit of user feedback by giving unfettered access to a full array of emojis to use with family, friends and colleagues.

In the latest update to the BlackBerry Priv keyboard the teams have brought in the ability to add predictive emoji to the typing experience on the device. Simply put, as you type the device can suggest swapping popular words for the associated emoji.

For example, if I were to type hamburger instead of the plain text I could swipe in a lively double-cheese burger emoji because come on, who says our messages don't need a bit more color and specificity? This is a fun way to express yourself and add visual context to your conversations in a subtle way.

Emoji predictions are off by default, here's how to turn them on:

  • Launch 'Settings' app on Priv
  • Scroll down and select 'Language an input'
  • Within the input section select 'BlackBerry Keyboard Settings'
  • From the keyboard settings navigate to 'Predictions & Correction'
  • Finally, toggle 'Predictive Emoji' on

There are dozens of available emoji to choose from on Android. In fact, there are 3rd party keyboards that you can buy in Google Play that will replace every virtual letter with an emoji. These emoji-only keyboards are gaining more and more popularity among the youths, although how they can be used for effective conversation is beyond me.

What BlackBerry has done here is very clever. It not only makes accessing emoji much quicker by building them in as predictions, but it also streamlines communication and saves you time. Instead of flipping to the emoji picker and scrolling through pages upon pages of items you can now set the BlackBerry keyboard to suggest emoji within context, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Does this type of feature interest you? Check out the video demonstration and leave your thoughts down below.​