How to enable predictive emoji on the BlackBerry KEY2

Using emoji's in daily communications has become pretty standard for many folks, and while not everyone is using them, if you do and are looking to make your BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard even more efficient, you can enable predictive emoji.

With predictive emoji, the keyboard will guess which emoji you may wish to use and present it before word completion, so you can quickly insert it, rather than having to search for the emoji you want to use through the large list. Here's how to enable it!

How to enable predictive emoji on the BlackBerry KEY2

  • Swipe down and tap the settings gear
  • Tap System
  • Tap Languages & input
  • Tap Keyboard settings
  • Tap BlackBerry Keyboard
  • Tap Prediction and correction
  • Enable Predict emojis

Once you have your options set, that's it. From there on out when you type, you'll see emoji suggestions being made where you can swipe or tap on them to insert them directly. Of course, don't crazy with them. I showed my Mother how to do it, and now I don't understand anything she texts me. I need a 'my mother is using too many emoji and using them wrong' converter.

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