BlackBerry 10 Offensive Words

Voice control on BlackBerry 10 is pretty handy. If you're in the car or would just rather dictating commands to your device, you can fire up voice control for some hands-free action. You can send messages, open apps, perform searches and much more. On the BlackBerry Z10 voice control can come in pretty handy, and we're here to make sure it will recognize all those naughty words for your messages.

If you're anything like me, you like to curse ... a lot. You may even want to fire off some angry messages from time to time using voice control. In doing so, some chosen words may not show up if you don't enable the offensive words. Words will appear as a**, f**, s** ... you get the idea. Kind of frustrating, right? Well fear not - voice control on BlackBerry 10 has a pre-set offensive world filter that you can easily turn off. Keep reading to find out how.

To get voice control to use "offensive" words instead of cutting them off with a spark (okay, an asterik), head into the Settings. 

  • Tap on Voice Control
  • Tap the Offensive Words toggle so it says "Allow".

Done and done. Now you can curse at your BlackBerry 10 phone all day long and it will curse right back at you. Well, maybe it won't curse AT you, but it will recognize the words. (Enjoy the dirty looks from anyone around you)