Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a handy feature for when you need to use your device during air travel. It lets you easily kill your network connections without having to go through one by one.

It's also nice if you are having network issues and want to quickly reset your connections - just turn on airplane mode, then turn it off again. 

I feel that the setting should be right in the dropdown menu on the home screen, but unfortunately it isn't. It's a bit deeper in the settings, but still easy enough to get to. It's sitting in the network settings screen along with your other options like mobile network, Bluetooth, NFC and mobile hotspot. 

If you use Airplane Mode often, you'll get some good muscle memory and be able to get to it no problem when the flight attendants tell you it's time to power down. 

Keep reading and we'll show you how to enable Airplane Mode on your BlackBerry 10 device.


  • Tap the settings icon
  • Tap Network Connections
  • Toggle Airplane Mode On
BlackBerry 10 Airplane Mode  BlackBerry 10 Airplane Mode

That's it! When you're done flying (or whatever it is you're doing) tap the toggle again to turn it off and restore your network connections.