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[ Editor's Note: Member pltaylor has been doing some awesome work in the forums helping out new Storm owners, so we thought we'd let him bring some of that goodness to the blogs. Big thanks pltaylor! Enjoy the lecture!! ]

Seasons Greetings CrackBerry Nation! As many of you now know the Storm 9530 has a North America:1900MHz and 850 MHz GSM/GPRS networks compatible radio and SIM card slot. This gives it the ability to be used solely on any GSM network once unlocked. The problem is North American GSM carriers do not have, or are not able to push the proper Provisioning, Browser and MMS service books to the device.

Basically what we will do is remove the native browser, embed your carrier's generic service books. And replace the browser. So if you've scored an early Christmas present and managed to get it unlocked, let's unleash the Beast! 


Before You Begin:
Your Device must be unlocked. You can get the unlock code from either the carrier or a 3rd party unlocking service like bbenriched.
You Need an Active SIM Card of the carrier you intend to use,
With An Active Blackberry Data Plan.


Desktop Manager. This is on the disk that came with your phone or can be downloaded here.

First you will need the Storm's Operating System installed to your PC. If you don't have it already, on the device go to, Options>About to find what OS you have. You can download the appropriate OS below. Select your OS link, download and launch to install to your computer.

Storm 9530 Operating Systems:

(you will need to know an
Active Verizon Mobile number to download from them)

Storm 9500 Operating System:

Once installed to your pc, Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Find (usually at the bottom) and Delete the vendor.xml file. Then close.

* Note to Advanced Users: This as good a time as any to update your OS, but I won't go into that here. If you are new to Blackberry you should get more familiar with the platform and process first. Advanced users, update first as steps 1 - 5 will have to be repeated after updating the OS.

Next you need a copy of your carriers Generic Service Books below. Download to your desktop and right click on the file, select extract all. Inside is one .ipd file. Leave it on your desktop. We will come back to it in Step #3.


Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java. Locate the module net_rim_bb_browser_daemon typically in the fourth row down when in icon view. CAREFULLY right click on it and select cut. Then inside the same folder Right click again and go to New>Folder. Create then open the New folder, once inside Right click and select Paste, putting the net_rim_bb_browser_deamon module inside. Close all windows.



With your SIM card inserted, connect the Storm to the PC and open Desktop Manager. Go to Application Loader. Add/Remove Applications. If you downloaded a Multi-language version of your OS you will get a prompt to update languages. You can ignore. Select NEXT. In the Summary window you will see the module being removed. Click FINISH. You may have an Uncaught Exception Error on the Storm. This is expected.


Once the loading operation is successful, Return to the Desktop Manager Main Menu.


Now go to Back up and Restore>Advanced. You will see the Storm's databases in the box on the right. Over the box on the left, select File>Open. Locate and Double click on your carriers Service books .ipd file you downloaded and extracted earlier. Single click to highlight them in the left box and hit the bottom of the two middle buttons to transfer them to the device. Once complete return to the Desktop Manager Main Menu and Minimize Desk Top Manager.



Next, return to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java. Open the New Folder you created. Right click on the net_rim_bb_browser_deamon module. Select cut, select Back and right click and paste back into place. Delete the now empty New Folder you created. Close the Java folder.


Return to Desktop Manager. Go to Application loader. Add/Remove applications. Select NEXT. In the Summary you will see the Browser being replaced. Select FINISH.


When the Loading operation is successful. You can then disconnect the device from the PC. You should have a Fully Functional Browser now. Resend your email service books to restore your email. Also you need TCP configurations in Options > Advanced Options > TCP.

APN should say:
Nothing under user name

APN should say: wap.cingular
Password: cingular1

If you are using an unlocked Verizon Storm and have "Activation Required" on your home screen or your phone number displays incorrectly, Dial # # 000000 (Send). In the Menu add your phone number and select save. The device will reboot and activate.

Storm on AT&T

Storm on T-Mobile

That's all there is to CrackBerry Nation! Enjoy & Have A Very Merry Christmas!

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