BlackBerry 10 Video Editor

Aside from the pretty awesome Story Maker app that BlackBerry included with BlackBerry 10, there is also a more basic video editor included in the OS. While you'll not be editing your next indie movie with it, it's a pretty nice inclusion if you're looking to do some quick editing of your captured videos for length, brightness, contrast, color and more. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it's all pretty straightforward and easy to use. Jump below to see how it all works and how you can make the best of it when capturing video on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Getting Started

Video Capture

In order to make use of the video editor, you do of course need a video to edit first. So that said you'll have to fire up your video camera app and capture yourself some video. You can edit the video directly after you record your content or you can simply just go back to the file at a later time and edit it from your saved videos files.

Editing Your Video

Editing Your Video

After capturing the video, you're presented with a screen that allows you to view your just recorded video. At the bottom, you'll see the edit icon. If you tap on that, the video editor will appear and you'll be presented with the same screen shown above. From there, you can perform a lot of basic editing video options. I say basic loosely, because there really isn't a lot more that could be done really. It's a nice system to have access to on device. The first option you'll see is length. This is where you can clip the size of the video, shrink it down or cut out unwanted portions.

Transform Your Video

After you have the file size and portions clipped if need be, you can then transform your video. Want to rotate it left or right? Maybe you recorded it in portrait but want to take it landscape? You can do it all just by tapping on the transform button.

Enhance Your Video

Enhancing your video is where you start to get into more advanced options. Here, you can adjust such things as brightness, contrast, color and even the volume of your video. It's nothing super advanced, but everything you'd expect to be there is. Everything is controlled by left and right sliders and when you activate them, you get a live preview of the changes before you really commit to them.

Undo Enhancements

If you don't like something, just tap on the overflow menu on the side and you can instantly revert back to the original file or just remove whatever the last enhancement actually was that you had added. Kinda nice to see the consitency across all the media apps, as the same options can be found in Story Maker and the photo editor.

Saving Your Edited Video

Saving Your Edited Videos

Once you have all your options set and you're ready to show it off to the world, saving it to your device is simple. Head on up to the top right hand corner and tap on done. Once tapped, you'll see your video processing on the display and it will provide you with a progress bar to let you know how far off you are from being done.


Depending on just how many edits you made, the time for export will depend. A lot of edits, expect a few mins wait. That said though, in our testing it was all fairly quick even with a lot of video cutting and enhancing. 

Exported To Video Library 

Now that the video has been exported, you'll find it on your device or media card. You can also access it directly from the video app itself from which you can share it to one of the many options available via the sharing menu. You'll also notice your original video remains on the device as well because the video editor is smart enough to not overwrite the original but instead rename the exported edited version. If you're short on space or don't want to get the files confused you can simply just delete the original unless you have other uses for it and call it a wrap!