In this day and age producing the best photos is second nature to many of us. With apps such as Instagram as well as our social networks we are sharing so much more content than in previous years.

If you have recently picked up the BlackBerry Z3 as your first BlackBerry 10 device you'll be pleased to hear that photo editing on it is super easy and you get a bunch of options straight out of the box - without having to rely on any third party apps.

From your photo gallery just select an image and you'll then see a tab at the base of the display to Edit. Select this and you are good to go in either portrait or landscape.

At the base of the screen you will see four tabs. These are Crop, Enhance, Filters and Frames. Let's take a close look at each:


This one is pretty self explanatory and probably the most simple of the options available to us. If the photo you wish to use is too large or you want to just focus on a certain subject then you can easily crop the image. Just place a finger on either one of the edges or corners of the picture and drag it to where you want. You can also rotate the image left or right if you need to.


This is where things start to get funky. Once you select Enhance you will see a bunch of options appear under the image. These include Auto Enhance, Red Eye reduction, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, Beauty and Big Eyes. With most of them you will be given a bar which you can slide up and down until you are happy with the result. Options such as Big Eyes will only be able to be used if you have a face on the display. The BlackBerry Z3 will automatically detect if you have or not.


With BlackBerry 10 we have 10 filters to use on our photos. This allows us to turn the picture to Black and White or Antique for example at just the press of a tab. We don't get as many options as with some third party apps but there is some nice variety.


Want to spice up your image with a nice frame around its edge? No problem. Simply select one of the eight available. There are standard black and white options as well as some funky ones such as the Film Strip or Old TV. I can't say I'm a big user of frames myself but it's clear from viewing other peoples images onlike that it's a pretty big deal.

Once you have your image looking like you want it's just a case of pressing the 'Save' tab at the top right of the display. Both the original image and the new edited version will be saved to your image gallery all ready for you to share. And this is done with ease thanks to the BlackBerry Hub which will allow for sharing with any of the accounts integrated into it.

Have fun tweaking your photos on the BlackBerry Z3.