We've been covering bits and pieces on how to download and install Android apps on BlackBerry 10 since the OS leak. While there are numerous ways to get this done including using the native File Manager or your Browser, perhaps one of the easiest ways is with the 1mobile Market

This third-party Android app store gives you access to hundreds of Android apps that may or may not be readily available on BlackBerry 10. Using the 1mobile Market to download and install Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 device is a very simple process, but in case you need some guidance, we've laid it all out here from start to finish. Note that this only works with the leaked OS for now (and most likely higher versions at some point).

Keep reading to see how it's done.

Download 1mobile Market

First things first - you'll need to download the 1mobile Market to your device. To do so, just point your BlackBerry browser to 1mobile.com/app/market

Tap the For Phone button under download

Choose the location to save the APK file and tap Save

When the download is complete, tap the file to open the APK 

Tap Install, then tap Accept in the permissions popup

When the install is done, tap Open

Now the 1mobile Market is installed on your device and you can freely browse and install Android apps. How? Keep reading ....


Downloading and Installing Android Apps 

Browse through the lists or search for an app you want to download

Tap the app title to open the app page

Tap Free to begin the download

When the download is done, the native installer will start. Tap Install 

Tap Accept on the permissions popup


When the install is done, tap Open to start the app​

BOOM. You're done. 

Remove 1mobile notifications

You may notice that the 1mobile Market now throws some unwanted notifications into your Hub however. To remove this takes a bit of extra work, but it's well worth it. Find out how to remove them by following this thread in the forums


Now also keep in mind that not all apps you'll download will actually run on BlackBerry 10. That being said, we've had plenty of luck with most apps we've tried from the 1mobile Market. Hit up the comments and let us know if you come across any that aren't working. If you have any other tips on using the 1mobile Market be sure to let us know!