Since the release of the BlackBerry Passport, the Inside BlackBerry blog has been highlighting several different ways in which people are using their latest and greatest device. Authors, architects, medical professionals, tech journalists, legal professionals and even celebrity chef and entrepreneur, Tyler Florence, have all spoken about the benefits of using BlackBerry. Now, BlackBerry has put together several videos showing just how workers in different industries can use the BlackBerry Passport.

BlackBerry Assistant keeps you productive, even when you don't have hands – or even eyes – available

Of course, the large square touchscreen optimized for reading all sorts of work documents, and the industry's first innovative touch-enabled keyboard, are big advantages

Medical professionals can take advantage of features like BlackBerry Blend's secure remote access, the ability to update documents on the fly, and the capacity to view images on a 1,440 x 1,440 screen. That monster 30-hour battery life doesn't hurt in a profession like that, either.

I haven't seen any of these videos as commercials yet but advertising and marketing firm Gyro has been working hard and hopefully BlackBerry will get them aired at some point and of course, spread more so throughout all of their social channels. I'm no architect or medical professional, but I do fit into that blogger category and the BlackBerry Passport makes my job easier but what about you folks? Let us know in the comments or in the CrackBerry Forums how the BlackBerry Passport helps you in your line of work or daily lives.