What's your data flavour?   

So in the blogs, you don’t really hear too much about BlackBerry data plans. Sure we talk about devices, accessories, applications and such, but we don’t spend too much time on what makes the BlackBerry magic happen (most of the time) – the data plans. These plans have definitely come a far way from what they originally offered. 2006-ish brought us blockbusters like the Pursuit of Happyness, The Da Vinci Code and super amazing data plans like a whopping 200MB of data for a measly $100 per month. All joking aside, not everyone leans on a full data package in order to feed their BlackBerry addiction. Many carriers offer plans dubbed BIS Lite (email and instant messaging apps only) or BIS Social (instant messaging and social networking apps only) that seem to be more than enough access for some. There are even pay-by-the month options, which are similar to pay-as-you-go plans.

I'm comfortable with having a good old regular, full BIS accessible, data plan and use WiFi at work and home. What type of data plan do you use? Do you have full BIS or are you more of a BIS Lite or Social type? Are you pay by the month? Or are you like our own Yousif, who doesn’t even have BIS available and relies on WiFi and such to get through the day? Pick an option for the poll that describes your access. Don’t forget to leave a comment that tells us what you are using and why.

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