Hs-300 Headset

There are tons of hands-free solutions for smartphone users. Wireless headsets, wired headsets, stereo headphones, car kits, speakerphones and more. They all work in a "to each his own" kind of way, with users taking what works best for them as their favorite option. When on the go I typically like to use the BlackBerry Visor in my car for hands-free use, but sometimes turn to my old HS-300 as a backup. I'm honestly not a big phone talker so choosing a setup isn't a huge deal for me, but for many that are constantly on the go a solid Bluetooth solution is essential. So what we want to know is what type of hands-free solution works best for you. Are you a headset user? Do you only use your integrated car system? Cast your vote in the poll above and leave a comment letting us know why what you do works best. Thanks rrebo!

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