No real suprise on last weeks poll, as the majority of you definitely use PIN as the primary method for adding contacts to BBM. This week we'll find out just how many users use a password to protect their device. In Kevin's interview with Scott Totzke, he noted that the first thing you should do when you fire up your device is set a password. RIM and BlackBerry are known for security, so having a password set is really the first line of defense. I'll admit I never used a password on my device for a good year or so when I got my first BlackBerry, but after the first time I thought I lost it I've been a password user. So our question this week is: do you use a password on your BlackBerry? (Not to be confused with our locking your device poll) Simple yes or no for this one - cast your vote in the poll and be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you do or don't use a password on your device.

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