Auto On/Off

We had another close race last week. It looks like the vote is pretty even when it comes to using a holster or not. This week we'll find out how many of you use the Auto On/Off feature (Options > Auto On/Off). This feature is very convenient and come in handy for multiple needs. I used this all the time when I have my 8830, setting it to power off my device at night when I went to bed, and having it come on about and hour or so before I woke up. I love having it and it made BlackBerry that much cooler in my eyes. After a while when I upgraded myself to BlackBerry abuser status, I realized that turning off the device at all was strictly forbidden. So our question this week: Do you use the Auto On/Off on your device? Leave your vote in the poll and drop a comment letting us know why you do or don't use this feature.

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