Dial from Home Screen

Last week we checked out what type of alert settings you use. It seems like the majority sticks with audible alerts for most/all notifications, while others have audible/vibrate alerts for just some notifications, and a small few go silent. Not too surprising there was such a mix as there are just so many options for setting up alerts and notifications. This week we'll check out a simple yes or no option - Dial from Home Screen. This can be a useful one if you are into using keyboard shortcuts to get around to your apps. If you learn all the shortcut keys you can quickly jump around and navigate faster through the device. Dial from Home Screen can be found under the Phone > Options menu. When set to "No" you can take advantage of shortcut keys (C for contacts, M for messages etc) and jump right to apps. When set to "Yes" pressing the number keys will bring you right to the Phone app and allow you to dial. So our question this week is do you use the Dial from Home Screen? Vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why you do or don't use this feature.

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