In my endless pursuit to find some good, fresh topics, I was rolling through all of the options and apps on my device. I had a stroke of genius and realized I've always been curious as to how other users have their devices setup. Right out of the box, there are a load of options to play around with and tweak to your liking. Everyone has their own special way of setting up a device, and I would love to know what some of the most popular settings are. So in a new series of posts, we hope to find out just how you use your BlackBerry. We'll delve deep and find out what everyone likes or dislikes, how bright your screen is, how many message boxes you use, how you lock your device, your alert settings and much, much more. Each week we'll check out the results from the previous poll, and down the line (probably way down) when we cover everything, we'll take a look at what seems to be the best way to setup your device.

For the first installment we'll start with the "Automatically Dim Backlight" option (located under Options > Screen/Keyboard). This one is plain and simple - do you have it set on or off? Personally I never use it, but recently at a concert found my screen way to bright in the dark room. I set the device to automatically dim, and I love the result. Granted it can give you trouble from time to time depending on the lighting, but I think its a great feature and can even help save battery life. So what do you do? Vote in the poll below and let us know!

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