Alerts and Notifications

Last week we checked out how everyone uses the Messages app, and it the results were pretty even. For the most part, it seems like the majority (6,196) use the Messages app for all emails and SMS, while others (5,328) use separate folders. The rest of the bunch (3,342) has a mix of both the Messages app and separate folders.

This week we move on to another burning question - how do you use alerts and notifications on your device? When I first started with BlackBerry, I had alerts setup for anything and everything. Now I've moved into only a select few alerts for important things like SMS, BBM and phone calls. I actually don't even use the LED for emails at this point since I check my device so often. I know that Bla1ze doesn't even use audible alerts on his device. So our question is this - how do you use alert settings and notifications? We've tried to include the best options in our poll (some specific answers may be missing) so choose what is closest to what you do. There are sooooo many options for profiles (bedside mode, in/out of holser etc) - but most people have one main setup they use daily. So pick the answer that best fits your main use - don't take into account times when you are in meetings etc. and change your device to vibrate/silent. Drop a comment and let us know your exact setup and why it works for you.  

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