BlackBerry Bold 9780 Email Setup  

Way back when I first got into my geeky internet lifestyle, I had loads of email addresses floating around. I had a Hotmail, Yahoo!, ISP email, Gmail and many more. I was eager to try out all the various services "just because" and had no real organization to anything. In recent years I've consolidated to using just a few accounts, and while the others are still active, I haven't touched them in years.

On my BlackBerry I currently have four active email accounts. My AT&T BIS email as well as three Gmail accounts. I think that's plenty for me as I hate to manage more than I can handle. What I'm curious to know is just how many email accounts CrackBerry readers have on their device? BlackBerry smartphones allow up to 10 emails on BIS (which would drive me nuts) but I'm assuming not many have all the slots filled up. So let us know in the poll above just how many you have on your device, then leave a comment letting us know why. 

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