BlackBerry Torch Holster  

Throughout the years I've always seemed to change up the way I carry my BlackBerry. I started out using a belt-clip holster when I first had my 8830WE. From there I moved on to a leather pocket pouch with my Curve 8330, then slowly moved away to just a simple skin case and carried my device in my pocket. The last few years now (back to when I first got my Bold 9700 I'd say) I've pretty much migrated to not using a case at all and just carrying my device in my pocket (pants, jacket or whatever is easiest). I'll admit that many times when I'm out my BlackBerry never actually leaves my hand, but when enough is enough I'll tuck it away in a pocket for a minute or two until I feel the need to check it again.

So what is the best carrying solution for you? Do you use a holster of some sort? Carry your device in your purse/briefcase? Are you a "holder" or does your pocket work just fine? Understandably lots of you will have some variations as to how you carry your device, so choose the poll option that best suits you. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you do what you do. Thanks rrrebo!

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