Another week another burning BlackBerry question in hopes on an answer. Our pal Fabian sent this one in and now I'm curious to know as well. We all know that apps are a big part of the BlackBerry experience. Some users have a few while others have tons. I like to keep my app bank small (10 or so) but some people I know have over 50 apps on their device. When it comes to games however it's a totally different story. BlackBerry has never been known as a gaming device, so finding good ones can someitmes be a challenge. I actually don't have any games on my device at the moment, so I'm curious to know just how many of you play games on your device. This poll could have gone in multiple directions (how many games, what device etc) but we'll try to keep it simple. We just want to know if you do or don't play games on your device. We've split it up into two polls - one for touchscreen users (Torch, Storm) and one for everyone else. So cast your vote in the poll above, then drop a comment letting us know why you do or don't play games on your BlackBerry.

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