One of the topics that came up on our last podcast was around icons, folders and homescreen placement. Kevin is firm that we should be able to bottom align icons within folders — and it totally makes sense — but for some, they may like things the way they are. I'll admit that I never thought of having them bottom-aligned until he brought it up, and it's never really bothered me too much.

I do typically tend to stick with the same "format" for my homescreen across all my devices. I suppose that makes it easier for me since no matter what device I'm on, I always know what should be where. 

My standard layout looks something like this:

I reserve the top row and bottom rows for my most used apps — in this case the browser, contacts, calendar and Facebook up top, with Twitter, Instagram, Nexia (my home automation) and Our Groceries across the bottom. Through the middle I have my other top apps, the more frequent ones on the outside left & right and the others mixed in the middle. I try to pack all of the apps I use on a daily (or near daily) basis onto the first page of my homescreen. I try to stay away from folders for the most part, aside from packing in games in this case.

On my second screen I have the rest of my apps, organized somewhat so I know where they are without too much clutter. This is the stuff I use that I want on my device, but don't necessarily need to get at each day.

For another example, check out Kevin's homescreen. He lays it out in a similar fashion but with the most used apps at the bottom within thumb's reach. Easy access there, plus lots of folders for staying organized. All about speed and efficiency to get things done.


Here's out some others on the CrackBerry team do their thing:













So now that you've see ours —​ we want to see yours. Hit up the forums thread below and post a shot of your homescreen telling us why you do what you do.

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