I have always been a big fan of streaming media apps on my BlackBerry. From Pandora and Spotify on my Bold 9000 and now apps like Songza, iHeartRadio and Slacker - there are plenty of options out there.The ability to load up music right to an SD card is a viable solution as well and has been the easiest method of listening to music on the go for years. 

Streaming options offer many features that keep users coming back. Plenty of services have streaming stations for music that you can customize to your liking while services like Sonza cater to your mood and the time of day. Finding one service that meets all your needs can be tough at times, but there are most certainly plenty to choose from, although we're still waiting on some bigger services like Rdio and Spotify to find their way to BlackBerry 10.

For those that don't care so much about streaming, loading up an SD card with music is a great way to go. Given that BlackBerry 10 devices can use up to 64GB memory cards - that's plenty of music to keep you rocking for quite a few hours. Even better is that you don't have to worry about any streaming services acting up or not working at all - plus no data fees since your music is stored locally. 

Whatever you're choice may be your BlackBerry is a great tool for listening to music on the go. 

Oh, and what about BBM Music? Does anyone miss that?

What do you prefer when is comes to music on your device? Streaming apps? Local music? Plain old radio? Hit up the comments and let us know why you choose what you do and what works best.