Aside from my constant wallpaper crisis (wherein I can never find a wallpaper that keeps me happy for more than a few days) I always seem to shuffle around the apps on my homescreen. I typically keep my most-used native apps up top with a few of my newer or favorite apps on the front page as well.

I've been using the Q10 full time so I also get cut down from the 16 homescreen apps of the Z10 to just 12 - making for a tough decision some days. It almost reminds me of the constant MySpace battle for my top 8 friends.

Right now my homescreen is setup as in the image above. My top row takes my most used apps - the browser, calendar, Blaq and Facebook. My "middle apps" are CB10, contacts, pictures and BeWeather. The bottom row is Foursquare, BBM, Rdio and Our Groceries (I do a lot of shopping, what can I say).

I have them setup so that my muscle memory knows where each icon is for easy access and I try to keep them in the same general area on all my devices. When I have a new app I want to bump up to the homescreen it's a hard decision but I'll usually knock down whatever app I haven't put to recent use.

So what we want to know is just what apps are on your homescreen and how you have things arranged. Drop a comment here with your list of top apps, then swing by this thread in the forums and show off your homescreen!

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