In our ongoing pursuit to find out just how you, the CrackBerry community, uses BlackBerry 10 - our next stop brings us to HDMI. 

As BlackBerry users, we first saw the micro HDMI port make an appearance on the BlackBerry PlayBook and now the Z10 and Q10. With the use of a simple cable, you can easily hook up your device to any HDMI-compatible display (like a TV or projector) and share your screen, play games or stream movies and TV shows. I loving using my Z10 and hooking up to play games on my TV or checking out new movies on the weekends. 

The ability to do this just adds to the awesomeness of BlackBerry 10 as you can always have your media with you whether you're home or on the road. I love having movies on my phone that I can watch when I'm traveling just by hooking up to the TV in my room. 

What we want to know is just how many of you use the HDMI out on your device - be it for presentations, streaming media or just playing games. Of course some of you may not be able to use the feature if you have an older device or a Q5 with no HDMI port.

 Let us know in the poll below and hit up the comments with some of your best uses.