For the last few years BlackBerry World (or BlackBerry App World as it was) had only apps and games available. There was no integrated movie or music store, however we did have separate stores in one form or another. That unfortunately meant that in order to buy movies or music you had to use a separate store with a separate app with a separate login - super annoying.

With BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry World dropped the "App" from its name and integrated a movie and music store thanks to Rovi and 7digital respectively. BlackBerry World now holds all your BlackBerry media needs with apps, games, music, movies and TV shows available for purchase. One app, one store, one login. Much easier.

While having this integrated store is awesome, I find that I don't really take advantage of it as much as I should. For my music I've always used streaming services like Spotify or Rdio so I rarely buy any tracks or albums. Movies I typically watch at home and rent on-demand from my cable provider, never thinking to grab one from BlackBerry World and fire up the ol' HDMI cable for movie night. Occasionally I'll buy a movie on my BlackBerry if I'm traveling or want something for my kids, but most times I don't even think to do it.

So we're curious to know just how many of you buy (or rent) movies and/or music from BlackBerry World and how many don't. Pick the answer that best fits you in the poll below then hit up the comments!