This past weekend I took a short video of my dad on my Q10. I recorded it in 720p and it was a mere 21 seconds long, making it just about 20MB in file size. 

After shooting the video I attempted to email it, however when I tried to attach it to a message I was told that the file size was too large - odd since the Gmail attachment limit it 25MB, meaning I still had 5MB to spare.

If my father were a BlackBerry user (which he isn't) I could try to BBM the file - however that would be a no go either since BBM still limits file size to 6MB (which is insane).

So what were my options from here? If I were trying to transfer it to another BlackBerry user I could of course use NFC or Bluetooth to get it sent easily, but that wasn't the case here. So I could either upload the file to Dropbox or Box and share a public link or upload it to YouTube so he could view it there. Either way I was left wondering - why is it so damn hard to just send a video on BlackBerry 10?

This is one of the big things that really irks me right now on BlackBerry 10 (or BlackBerry in general I guess). I'm definitely not alone in this either.

I have a one-year old at home and I love to take videos during the day and send them off to my wife, but I have no easy way to get them to her. For me, knowing the BlackBerry 10 OS in and out I realize I have a few options should I really need to get her a video (Dropbox, Box, YouTube) but for her being a casual user, sending a video by email/SMS/BBM should be the only options. There is no reason she should have to figure out how to upload a 30 second video to YouTube rather than just send it along via BBM or even email. Period.

So how do I send a video?

I can't figure out the easiest possible way to send a video file

When it comes down to it I don't have have many big complaints about BlackBerry 10, but if I had to pick just one - this would be it. I can't figure out the easiest possible way to send a video file (and to tell someone how to send me one) without a lengthy process that just isn't feasible. I should be able to shoot a decent size video (1 minute or even a bit longer) and instantly fire it off through email or BBM. But right now on BlackBerry 10 that isn't possible. Yes there are other options, but like I said, for the average user these are labor intensive and out of the question. How am I supposed to send a video?

I have my fingers crossed tight that this will be something that gets fixed down the road in OS 10.1 or 10.2. It's hard to believe that it's gone mostly unnoticed and that you can't send larger files over BBM. So this is my plea/rant to BlackBerry to PLEASE get this fixed. Soon. 

Have any bright ideas or am I missing something totally obvious? Sound off in the comments!