For every Android app you install, there's a set of requested permissions that come with it. Thing is a lot of the time those permissions go unused and don't really need to be enabled. That leaves permissions open when they really don't need to be, but BlackBerry DTEK offers you an easy way to view which apps have unused permissions so that you can disable them for increased privacy and security. Here's how to take advantage of it!

  • Open DTEK by BlackBerry.
  • Under Recommendations, you'll see Unused permissions, tap it.
  • On the next screen, tap on Details.

In this section, you'll see a list of events that have taken place on your device. It will show from almost every app installed as they all are using permissions to run. By each, you can see which permissions have not been used and how long it has been since they were accessed.

For each event, you have options that are revealed when you tap on them. You can 'Turn off permission for this app' or view 'Details'. For this scenario, we're going to choose the Turn off permission for this app option, where you'll be taken to the permissions settings for each app where you can disable each permission. Just tap on the toggle to disable the permissions you want to disallow.

If you opt to view the details, you'll be taken to the DTEK screen which will break down a listing of each permission and when it was last accessed and how many times it was accessed. You can also view specific app info, enable notifications and more. It's helpful insight that can be used to determine if you even want to disable permissions for any apps.

With all your unused permissions taken care of, you can exit out of DTEK. Now, with those app permissions locked down, any apps requesting access to those permissions will require your approval again first.