How to disable Facebook contacts in the BlackBerry 10 contacts app

If you're like pretty much everyone else is the world, you likely have a Facebook account. If you're like me though, you probably don't really use it. For me I keep it around to talk to a small amount of family members and very little else. I have very few contacts on there and I'm not really looking to add any more. For that reason alone, I don't really need those contacts on my phone even though I do like having the app on there and present in the BlackBerry Hub.

Apparently there is a lot of folks out there, while maybe not for the same reasons, really don't want their Facebook contacts on their device and as such have been wondering how to remove them from their BlackBerry 10 device. Luckily, it's a pretty simple process to remove them and still keep the Facebook app active on your device as well as in the BlackBerry Hub. If you're among those wanting to know how it's done, you can jump below and read through the full tutorial.

Go to Contacts app and swipe down from the top.

In order to get everything working properly, you're going to want to start with the contacts app as that's where your Facebook contacts are stored and where your device is pulling them from anytime they appear. So you can tap on the contacts icon and go from there:

  • Once launched, you'll want to swipe down from the top to reveal the settings icon.
  • Tap on the settings icon to be taken into the settings screen.

Contacts settings screen, this where you disable the Facebook slider.

Now that you have the contacts setting screen open, you will see a listing of all the apps that are using and pulling in contacts into the contacts app. From there, you can disable any of your choosing but for now we're just concentrating on Facebook:

  • On the Facebook slider, just pull it over into the "Off" position.

Verify that Facebook contacts have indeed been removed.

With that step completed, you can slide back into the contacts app and view the list of apps using or pulling in contacts once again. You should find now, that Facebook has been removed and no longer showing you any of the contacts you once had listed.

Verify that Facebook still remains in the BlackBerry Hub.

If you followed the steps accordingly and Facebook contacts are now no longer showing within the contacts app, you can jump back into the BlackBerry Hub to ensure that Facebook is still appearing there. If so, you've done everything correctly. If not, you may want to try again. You will still also find that the Facebook app also remains on your device as none of these changes affect the removal of that app or your account login. That's it! An easy fix to an annoying problem for some.