How to disable the Convenience Key on your BlackBerry KEYone or BlackBerry Motion

The Convenience Key on the BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion is great for a wide array of configuration options including making it simple to call one of your favorite contacts, opening apps, and more but not everyone finds it useful and some, would even prefer to disable it entirely. If you fit into that group, you can disable the Convenience Key rather easily in just a few steps, here's how!

  • Download and install Button Mapper from Google Play, it's free for this use!
  • Open Button Mapper and tap on Add Buttons and tap on the + sign in the bottom right.
  • Then press on the Convenience Key to identify the button in Button Mapper, it should appear as FP_SHORT_TOUCH (284), then tap Add.
  • Then in the list, then tap on FP_SHORT_TOUCH (284), then enable Customize.
  • From there, set your Single tap, Double tap, and Long press as desired, keeping in mind No Action is what will disable the key.
  • Once your options are set, tap on the three dots in the top right, and tap on Start/stop service and give Button Mapper permissions to run.

From then on, your Convenience Key will no longer work when pressed. Of course, should you wish to enable it any point, you can just re-enable it in the Button Mapper settings. Plus, you now have a cool app downloaded that is good for other purposes as well should you wish to remap any of your other buttons.

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