BlackBerry App World

The latest version of BlackBerry App World ( brings along a feature that many users have been waiting quite a while for. In addition to a handful of updates, you now have the ability to remove applications from your My World list in BlackBerry App World. This is great news since, if you're like me, you have probably loaded up the list with plenty of apps you no longer have a use for. Instead of having them linger around, clogging up your lists, you can now easily remove them and never have to think about them again. Keep reading to see how to delete apps from BlackBerry App World in just a few clicks.

How to delete applications from BlackBerry App World

  • First off, make sure you are running the latest version of BlackBerry App World
  • Run BlackBerry App World, then go to My World
  • On the menu bar, change the dropdown to Uninstalled
  • Click the pencil icon
  • Scroll through your app list and click the checkbox next to any items you want to remove
  • You will see a running total of selected apps as you go. When you are done, press the Menu key and choose Delete All
  • The apps you selected will be permanently removed from your My World list 

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