BlackBerry 10 Delete Application

On prior BlackBerry devices, removing an application was a bit of a chore. You had to go deep into the settings, uninstall the app, then reboot the device to completely remove it. On the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, this process is way easier and takes no time at all. Best of all? No reboot either. I go through a ton of apps and remove them quite often (I never like to have apps I don't use on my device) so this is a big win for me. Keep reading to see how to remove an application on BlackBerry 10.

This one is super easy - ready?

  • Find the app/game you want to remove
  • Tap and hold the icon
  • When it jiggles, tap the trash can on the top right of the icon
BlackBerry 10 Delete Application

Poof! It's gone. That was easy, right?