The flashing LED has to be one of the most loved, iconic, features when it comes to using a BlackBerry. It's been around for years and I would imagine that most BlackBerry users would feel lost without it - including me.

If you cast your mind back to before BlackBerry 10 was around you'll probably remember that we had a few applications that let us change the color of our LED depending on what notification was being received on the BlackBerry. I think I used BeBuzz on several of my BlackBerry 6 & 7 handsets and it did a great job.

When BlackBerry 10.3.1 rolled out it gave us the opportunity to use a different color LED for different apps - much like the third party apps used to do in the good old days. With this feature now being baked into the operating system it's the perfect way to know what kind of notification you've received, without even touching your BlackBerry.

So if you fancy spicing up your LED just follow these instructions and enjoy the pretty colors:

  • Within Settings select Notifications

  • From the list of Profiles choose the one you are using

  • Select Custom App Notifications

  • Choose the app you wish to alter the LED color for

  • Select LED Color and then pick from the drop down list

And there you have it - simple once you know how. A small new addition to BlackBerry 10, but one that is so wonderful. Nice job BlackBerry.