With BlackBerry OS 10.1 on the BlackBerry Q10 you have the option to set custom ringtones and notifications for specific contacts. While BlackBerry 10 let you choose a ringtone and message tone, OS 10.1 also adds BBM to the mix. 

This feature is useful if you want to assign a different tone to your friend, spouse, boss or whoever fits the bill so you always know who's calling.

Also available now are custom vibration sequences so you can set the vibration anywhere from one to five times for a specific alert.

To set a custom tone for a contact, open the Contacts app then tap to choose a contact.

Scroll down and tap Ring Tone and Notifications

On the next screen you'll see options for Phone Ring Tone, Message Ring Tone and BBM Notification Tone. For each of these you can choose a tone, vibrate sequence and set the LED to on of off.

Once you're done, tap back to save and you're done! Now the selected contacts has custom notifications tones set. Bravo!

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