BlackBerry 10 Zip files

Often times you want to backup or send off a bunch of files at once. In the past this was a big PITA, but now in BlackBerry 10 it's as easy as it gets. There is a built-in option for compressing multiple files into a Zip archive to do with as you please. You can use the feature for mailing off a bunch of images, backing up files, transferring music files and much, much more. Keep reading to find out how to create a Zip file on your BlackBerry Z10or BlackBerry Q10.

  • Tap the File Manager icon 
  • Browse to the files you want to add to the Zip archive
  • Press the overflow icon (3 dots) and then choose Select
  • Tap the files you want to add to the Zip file
  • Tap the Zip icon in the action banner on the right
  • Your Zip file will be created and placed in the same folder.
BlackBery 10 Zip flles

From there you can copy, move, email or share your Zip archive. Neato!