BlackBerry 10 Folders

Organizing your BlackBerry 10 homescreen is one of the first things you'll want to do with a new device.

Everyone likes icons in different places for easy access or even esthetics.

With BlackBerry 10, you can even create folders to get a deeper level of organizing to satisfy your OCD. 

If you're like me, you'll have plenty of folders and know right where everything is when you need it.  

You can create as many as you'd like and each of them can hold up to 16 apps or games. 

Creating folders on BlackBerry 10 is easy as pie so keep reading to see just how it's done.

  • To create a new folder, tap and hold on an icon on your homescreen
  • When the icon jiggles, drag it on top of another icon and let go
  • A new dialog will pop up allowing you to name the folder (Games, App, Folder1 etc.)
BlackBerry 10 Folders

The folder will now be on your homescreen and you can add apps/games by dragging to the folder in the same manner as above.

Remove Items from a Folder

To remove an item from a folder, go into the folder then tap and hold the icon. Drag the icon to the bottom of the screen. 

BlackBerry 10 Folders