Back in the good ol' days a DJ would cart around a boatload of equipment to a gig. Everything ranging from turntables to huge speakers to amps & mixers to milk crates filled with vinyl. Today, DJs have turned to electronic means and while some may still stick to their roots and spin a few records, plenty have adopted any of the multitude of apps available for computers and mobile devices. 

If you're an aspiring DJ or just looking to lighten your load, there are some great apps for BlackBerry that can help get the job done. While they won't make you an instant success, they are certainly fun to play around with to help get your groove on. So put on your dancing shoes and lets check out some of the best music creation apps for BlackBerry. 


If a simple piano is more your thing then look no further than this free app. The 25-key virtual piano supports multi-touch so you can play all of your favorite tunes or just make up your own. There's even a built-in recorder so you can record your tracks and play them back. Best of all? This one's free.

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Dubstep Music Maker

If Dubstep is your thing then tapping away on Dubstep Music Maker is what you need. With tons of samples including bass effects, sound wobbles and more you can trip your way to the top and make some crazy Dubstep tracks. Just tap away in the designated areas and you can create more mixes than your partying ears can handle. $0.99 for the Z10, Q10 and Q5

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Perhaps the most popular DJ app for BlackBerry, Pacemaker resembles two turntables on your device and lets you mix up your music any way you want. Pacemaker includes beat matching, loops and effects, crossfading, pitch blend and so much more. Pull in tracks from your media library and then have it your way - mix and scratch to your hearts content and take your show on the road! Available for $4.99 for the Z10 or $9.99 for the Playbook.

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Drum Set

There's nothing more fun than banging away on a drum kit even if you don't know what you're doing. With Drum Set you can choose to rock out on a jazz or rock kit complete with snare, toms, kick and plenty of cymbals. You can rearrange the kit anyway you like to maximize your drumming pleasure and kick out beats all day long. $0.99 for the Z10 and PlayBook. 

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Animoog takes one of the bigget names in music right to your BlackBerry. With this awesome tool you can create some crazy tracks using the various tools provided on the virtual Moog system. Play chords and add motion and just go nuts pumping out some amazing personal creations. $9.99 for the Z10.

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Caustic 2

Casutic 2 is one of our favorites. This little app gives you a virtual synthesizer with tons of knobs and buttons to control. The rack-mount simulator gives you total control of samples to create all kinds of funky music tracks. There is a drum simulator, bassline synth, mixer, song sequencer and much more. Caustic 2 really packs a punch if you're looking for a top notch music creator for your BlackBerry. It's a bit pricey at $7.99 for the Z10 and PlayBook but totally worth it.

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