Copy and Paste on the BlackBerry Storm

This weekend has proved to be a gold mine for BlackBerry Storm leaked info, and it isn't stopping yet. Now we how the copy and paste function will work on RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. Posted by Mike over at BGR:

All you'll need to do is put one finger at the beginning, and another finger at the end of the area you want to copy. Slide those two fingers together and you have yourself a highlight. Then go Menu, Copy, and you're good to paste. If you're worried about your bad hand-eye coordination, fear not, because hitting the Escape key deletes the highlight. Simple, brilliant, and effective. Maybe the boys of Cupertino should take a field trip to Waterloo. 

I can't WAIT to get my hands on one of these bad boys. The word right now is that the Storm will OFFICIALLY be announced (not released) this Wednesday morning, October 8th, and that RIM's co-CEOs will both be in London on the 9th for marketing. I'm thinking press release on the Wednesday and hopefully a live event on Thursday (update: don't think we'll be seeing a live press event until closer to launch. Fingers still crossed for an announcement sooner, but may not be this week!). Either way I'm sure we'll see a lot more BlackBerry Storm goodness this week.