Color Code Email

When viewing your email messages from the hub, being able to distinguish between accounts poses a challenge. As I have five email accounts setup on my device, being able to tell them apart is important. Until now, I found myself constantly swiping to the menu and tapping on each one.

You will be pleased to learn this functionality is available on the BlackBerry Z30 as it is part of OS 10.2. While you are limited to five different color options (Green, blue, orange, pink, purple, and, of course, none), simply follow these quick steps to color code your activated accounts. In no time at all you'll be more organized.

  • Go into the hub, either by swiping to the left or tapping on the icon on the home screen
  • Tap on the overflow menu (three dots) and select Settings
  • Scroll down and choose Email Accounts
  • Tap on each email account and use the Account Color dropdown to select a color  
  • Repeat for each email account

When you are finished, the corresponding color indicator appears to the left of each of your messages in the hub as a thin line. Each of the colors stand out pretty well so you won't have to worry about being able to view. Now you'll be able to go through all of your messages and know which ones belong to which accounts.