One of the features I take advantage of most on my BlackBerry is the ability to color code my calendar. As someone with multiple accounts and appointments that populate more than one calendar, this presents an easy way to distinguish between them. 

Whether it be managing a calendar for work, personal, or for your BBM group, all you need to do is complete these steps to set the colors for each of them.  

  • From the home screen launch the Calendar application
  • Tap Settings > Calendar Colors
  • Tap on the specific calendar you wish to change
  • From the popup, choose from the 15 predefined colors and tap on a color
  • Repeat the above steps for each calendar you wish to set a color for
  • Press the back button twice to return to the main calendar screen

Once this is complete, every calendar appointment will show in separate color so that you can differentiate between events and which ones are associated with a certain account.

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